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Some of our recent client engagements

Helping our clients with their business continuity and organisational resilience objectives

ADOX Business Resilience Consulting and Training aim to solve each client’s business continuity and organisational resilience requirements by providing an innovative, adaptive and integrated approach, aligned to industry good practices and standards, such as as ISO 23001, UAE NCME 7000, and the BC Institute (BCI) Good Practice Guidelines.

Our analysis, design and delivery model fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients, but also help them to enhance their business resilience programmes and frameworks, by successfully delivering customised solutions and long term relationships with our clients for their ongoing success.

Some of the recent business resiliency client engagements and solutions that our consultants have worked on are outlined below.  For further details or to discuss your business resilience requirements, please contact ADOX. 

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How We Help Clients: Projects
Conversation Between Colleagues

BC Policy, BC Strategy and BC Programme Review

A Story of Success

Automation of BC Planning & Incident Response Software toolkit

Turning a New Page

Informative Interview
Standing Meeting

Developing Staff Awareness E-Learning Solution

An Innovative Solution

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